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Every journey my clients take is incomparable to each other and every moment, progression, and setback is an experience to learn from 

It was during June 2022 that I decided to consult Coach T. I knew him since the time we were playing rugby together and he has always been a strong intelligent, and generous player.


Therefore, I was in a certain way expecting the same qualities from him as a personal trainer. My situation was in a certain way particular: even if not completely out of shape. was overweight, prone to the stress and I was following a self-training regime that was not balanced (not continuous, sometimes too heavy and prone to muscle pain and some injuries). T helped me in designing my journey. Step by step training with him I saw a valuable increase of my fitness levels and stamina. After 10 months of training with T more in detail I noticed very good results in terms of weight loss, muscle mass increase and general fitness level gains (and all these benefits without pains or injuries!!!!).


Nevertheless, the most amazing results have been the mental ones that allowed me to be more confident, happier, less stressed in all the aspects of my life. To be fair there is a downturn: training at 6.00 am is not always pleasant, but as it is said "no pain, no gain" :-D.


Last but not least, I am very grateful to T. for letting me understand, through his coaching, that the most important aspect of training is not about the results, but rather it is about the joy and the trust in the process each day. Thank you T. for all of these moments and more.


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